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A sixth-generation family business and a Philadelphia tradition since 1861, Bassetts Ice Cream Company is a full-service frozen dessert distributor, offering outstanding products and superior service.

We deliver our products In the Philadelphia region, and outside of Philadelphia we have distributors in other areas, including the New York metropolitan area, Washington, DC, and Florida. You will even find our ice cream in China, Taiwan and South Korea!

Bassetts Ice Cream has a long and fascinating history! Read more

Historic Bassetts Storefront
Bassett Family Management Team

Family Owned Since 1861

Meet the Family

Behind Bassetts Ice Cream

Michael Strange is the President of Bassetts Ice Cream and the great-great grandson of the company's founder, Lewis Dubois Bassett. Read more

Alex Strange - Growing up in Minnesota did not stop this member of the Bassett family's sixth generation from getting involved in the family's ice cream business... Read more

Eric Bassett is a member of the Bassett family's sixth generation involved in the daily operations of the company and is responsible for Bassetts Catering...Read more


Bassetts Ice Cream
Michael Strange in China

In May 2008, the first order of Bassetts Ice Cream was sent by container ship to Beijing, China. Mr. Sun Gongyun (James Sun) established the Beijing Sino-American Food Company  in order to introduce Bassetts "World Famous" Ice Cream Read more

In June of  2017, the first Bassetts Ice Cream store in South Korea was unveiled! Bassetts teamed up with Mia Yoon, owner of the Beigel Caffe chain, and her brother Steven Yoon Read more

Bassetts Soth Korea Splash Page

In 2020, a partner in Taiwan begins importing Bassetts Ice Cream. Hi Lai Harbour Restaurants announces that they will be the first in Taiwan to offer Bassetts Ice Cream. Read more

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Our Global Presence

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