Frequently asked questions

How can I get Bassetts Ice Cream for my restaurant?

Visit the Wholesale Customers section of our website and select "Sell Bassetts" from the drop down menu.

Where can I buy Bassetts Ice Cream?

Check out the Find Us tab at the top of the page.

What is the most popular Bassetts Ice Cream flavor?

Vanilla is our most popular flavor, but to see a list of our flavors in order of popularity, visit the Flavor Gallery section of our website.

Can I get Bassetts Ice Cream shipped to me in Arizona?

Yes, you can! Click on the "Order Online Now" for details.

Why does Bassetts Ice Cream taste so much more creamier than other brands?

Bassetts Ice Cream is made with over 16%'s like the difference between whole milk and skim

Are there eggs in Bassetts Ice Cream?

Bassetts Ice Cream is made in the American Style, Which means we make it without eggs. The one exception is our French Vanilla flavor, which is made with eggs.

Is Bassetts Ice Cream kosher?

Bassetts Ice Cream is certified OU Dairy kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Do you have any non-dairy flavors?

Our sorbet is made without any dairy and comes in four delicious flavors. Visit our Flavor Gallery for more information.

How can I have Bassetts Ice Cream served at my event?

Visit our Catering page and complete our Catering Inquiry. Eric Bassett, our Catering Department Manager, will get back in touch with you shortly.