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Bassetts Ice Cream in China

In May 2008, the first order of Bassetts Ice Cream was sent by container ship to Beijing, China. Mr. Sun Gongyun (James Sun) established the Beijing Sino-American Food Company in order to introduce Bassetts "World Famous" Ice Cream to this rapidly developing market. There are four locations serving Bassetts Ice Cream in China, with additional stores coming soon. In addition to his ice cream shops, Mr. Sun is distributing Bassetts Ice Cream to restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. 

Roger Bassett and Michael Strange in China

South Korea Embraces Bassetts

Michael Strange with Bassetts retailers in Souh Korea

On June 7th, 2017, the grand opening of the very first Bassetts Ice Cream store was unveiled in South Korea! Bassetts has teamed up with Mia Yoon, owner of the Beigel Caffe chain, and her brother Steven Yoon, to offer South Korea a true taste of a Philadelphian tradition. The sister and brother duo has been the driving force behind Bassetts in Korea! With more than 15 stores, and counting, opened since the grand opening, Bassetts Ice Cream is steadily becoming a favorite to the people of South Korea. 

America's oldest ice cream brand is now in Taiwan

You can now enjoy Bassetts Ice Cream at seven locations of the popular Hi-Lai Harbour Restaurant in Taiwan. You can find them in Tainan City, Taichung, Taoyuan City, two in Kaohsiung City, and two in Taipei City.The restaurant boasts having the best of the east and west. Bassetts Ice Cream is distributed by the Mayfull Foods Corporation, Taiwan's leading food importer.

Hi-Lai Restaurant in Taiwan
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