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Our Wholesale Customers Include...

Bassetts ice cream dish

Dip Shops

Dip Shops around the world are choosing Bassetts Ice Cream, not only for the quality of the product and customer demand, but for the unparalleled support we offer our vendors.

When I first thought of opening an ice cream shop, Bassetts Ice Cream immediately came to mind. My mother would bring me with her to John Wanamaker’s to go shopping and bribe me with a promise of getting Bassetts! It still takes me back to my childhood and lives up to its memory of being the richest, creamiest, best ice cream around.


Warren Brown, owner of Brown's Cow

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Brown's Cow Dipping parlor
Vanilla gourmet presentation

Restaurants, Clubs, Caterers

Bassetts Ice Cream is proudly served by a variety of restaurants, country clubs, and caterers, because they know a quality product when they taste it!

We serve Bassetts Ice Cream because we wanted our menu here at Ocean Prime to be close and honest to Philadelphia.  It just made sense because of the excellent customer service and consistent high-fat ice cream.

Jenn Grosskruger, Executive Chef

Ocean Prime Restaurant, Philadelphia

Ocean Prime kitchen personel
Bassetts pints


Our distribution to supermarkets continues to expand as customer demand increases. Lovers of Bassetts Ice Cream are making this happen and we thank you!

Our family store has been selling Bassetts Ice Cream since 1979. Our customers love that we carry the Bassetts brand and appreciate being able to get every retail flavor Bassetts Ice Cream makes.


Shel Klein, President

Klein’s Supermarket Inc., Philadelphia

Klein's supermarket
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