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Our Historic Retail Store

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In 1892, Lewis Dubois Bassett moved production of his ice cream to the newly built Reading Terminal Market. At the same time he also opened a retail store. The store that he opened is still in the same location in the Reading Terminal with the original marble counters and is still owned and operated by Lewis Dubois’ great-great grandsons Michael Strange and Roger Bassett.

We sell Bassetts Ice Cream in a cone, cup, hand-packed pints or quarts (dry ice is available) to take home. Stop by and taste one or more of our delicious flavors.

Additionally, Bassetts Ice Cream is available at a variety of dip shops, fine restaurants, and retail markets. View our interactive map to find a location near you.

Bassetts Ice Cream at the Terminal

45 North 12th Street
Reading Terminal Market
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Open daily 9:00 - 6:00

Phone: (215) 925-4315

Vanilla ice cream in a cup
Bassetts Ice Cream banner
Painting of Bassetts Ice Cream
A bowl of Bassetts Ice Cream
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