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Selling Bassetts Ice Cream is a Dream Come True!

Starting a business, re-envisioning an existing one, or adding our ice cream to your menu? 
Let us help!

Bassetts raspberry truffle dish
ice cream cone

Full Service Support  When our customers succeed, we succeed. With that in mind, we offer you custom tailored support.

ice cream cone

No Franchise Fees - Enjoy the benefits of a trusted, well-recognized brand, without any licensing fees.

ice cream cone

Super-premium quality - Uncompromising attention to detail to provide the best tasting ice cream money can buy.

ice cream cone

Marketing and Promotional Support- Reach a wide audience of already dedicated ice cream fans and introduce new customers to the taste sensation that is Bassetts Ice Cream!

Offer Bassetts Ice Cream at Your...

Market, Restaurant, Club, or Catering Business

Are you a food market, restaurant, caterer, club or other establishment seeking an opportunity to showcase a super premium ice cream product? We have pre-packed pints, bulk 2.5 gallon containers, or single-serve novelty items available.


For more information, contact our vice president of sales, Brian Bebee for details on our products and superior service. 

fine dining
Bassetts management team

Custom Tailored Support

Enjoy a Super-Premium Customer Service Experience


  • Business strategy​ development

    • Growing revenue streams

    • Calculating margins and profitability

    • Maximizing year-round sales

  • Streamlining operations and best practices

  • Promotional materials

  • Marketing and communications strategy

  • Staff training

  • Store design insight

    • Retail flow, lighting suggestions, signage, hardware and software recommendations

Why Bassetts Ice Cream?

America’s oldest ice cream company  offers:

  • Uncompromising, super-premium quality

  • A commitment to excellent customer support

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Six generations of passionate family leadership since 1861

dish Bassetts ice cream
Custom Tailored Support
Why Sell Bassetts?
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