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13 Oldest Ice Cream Parlors In The US

Bassetts Ice Cream, 1892

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bassetts earns the title of the oldest ice cream parlor in America. The brand's history dates back to 1861 when founder Lewis Dubois Bassett started churning ice cream in his backyard using mule power. After he found success selling the product at local markets, the business opened their first retail store in 1892 where it's been located ever since. Still family-owned and serving multiple generations of those in Philly and beyond, Bassetts has become an enduring legacy of American ice cream.

Bassetts uses recipes that have been handed down through generations and at the original scoop shop, you'll find the same 125-year old marble countertop that has lasted through innumerable changes. Clearly, Bassets is more than just an ice cream parlor; it's a landmark that stands as a testament to tradition and to the enduring enthusiasm that Americans have for ice cream.


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