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15 Lower Merion High School teens take over Narberth ice cream shop for summer

From: 6abc:

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When a group of Lower Merion High School students found out that one of their favorite local ice cream shops was closing, they stepped right in.

Fifteen kids aren't just working at Narberth Scoops this summer, they're running it, doing everything from budgets to schedules this summer.

These kids are not being financed by their parents.

This is just a temporary lease on the Haverford Avenue space, which is being torn down later this year to make way for an apartment building.

And yes, the teens are running this shop themselves.

"We all live super locally, and we were all kind of just like looking for summer jobs," says 16-year-old Ella Milby. "We thought this was a really good opportunity."

"It was beneficial to us and the community," adds 16-year-old Emma Maloney. "It was a win-win."

The crew did get some help from Bassetts Ice Cream, who lent them the freezers.

It's Bassetts ice cream that they buy wholesale and sell.

The kids are involved in every aspect of this business.

"This is an opportunity that not everyone gets, like, especially people our age," says 15-year-old Aliyah Alwyn. "It's going to help us in the future if we want to own our own businesses."

They say they've realized how much it takes to own a business.

"We have different committees and we're staying up until 11 p.m. each night on Zoom, trying to work out the logistics of how much a root beer float is going to cost," Maloney says.

The kids are extra proud of the soda machine they just got to make those root beer floats.

Narberth Scoops is open 7 days a week all summer.


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