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Our 8 favorite ice cream spots for snagging emotional support pints

Ice cream is a staple to birthdays, holidays, and breakups, and it’s also a staple of Philly, seeing that we’re known for practically starting the American ice cream business in the 1800s. From Bassetts, considered to be the oldest ice cream parlor in the country, to small-batch artisans like Harper’s, Philadelphia’s ice cream landscape is vast and highly talented. Stroll down South Street, through Midtown Village or Old City, and you’ll find purveyors of some of the best dense custardy creams and lighter, refreshing frozen treats. Whether it be the presentation, expansive flavor menus, or sourcing of ingredients, here are a few of the best spots in Philly to pick up a pint.

This sixth-generation ice cream maker, and one of the original vendors of the Reading Terminal Market, still reigns supreme. Whether you visit its stall in the market or happen upon its ice cream through the hundreds of shops, restaurants, and cafes that use its ice cream (like Thirsty Dice’s milkshakes), Bassetts serves up a light and refreshing ice cream. Choose among dozens of flavors like peanut butter swirl, butterscotch vanilla, and coffee fudge truffle to be hand-packed into a $9.50 pint. According to Alex Bassett Strange, a sixth-generation Bassett ice cream connoisseur, the ice cream is produced using a perfected “Philadelphia-style” (a.k.a. American-style) technique, which doesn’t use eggs in its mixture. This allows for an ice cream with a light, creamy density.

📍 45 N. 12th St. 📞 215-925-4315 🌐


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