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Pennsylvania's Best Milkshake Spot Revealed...

from WMGK:

Summer is coming, and it’s time for a great milkshake. Pennsylvania has plenty of spots to get your milkshake on, and I’m happy to do it any time of the year. But, honestly, summer is the best time to enjoy a milkshake to cool off in all the heat. recently put together a study to determine the best place to get a milkshake in each state. “Milkshakes are about as American as apple pie, and every state has their own mouth-watering options,” they state in the article. I couldn’t agree more. “Read on for our pick of the best of them, from towering freak shakes heavy with toppings to deliciously understated chocolate and vanilla options.” What’s extra cool is that they also suggest what kind of milkshake to try at each of these establishments. I think mint is my favorite flavor for a milkshake, but chocolate-chip is a close second.

So, which ice cream shop in Pennsylvania has the best milkshakes in the entire state? According to the study, it’s Bassetts Ice Cream in Philadelphia. The flavor they recommend is simply chocolate. Good pick. “Located in historic Reading Terminal Market, Bassetts was established back in 1861 and is said to be the oldest ice cream company in the country,” they state in the article. “It’s no wonder, then, that the spot – now with fifth-generation owners – whizzes up the best milkshakes around (all made with Bassetts’ own ice cream, of course). Stick with a classic Chocolate shake, finished with a generous dollop of whipped cream.” The fact that their ice cream is all homemade obviously helps put their shakes at the top of the tally. I’m determined to get one of those milkshakes the next time I’m in the area. Find the full list of the best milkshakes in every state here.


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