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Bassetts Ice Cream now on goPuff!

Order Bassetts Ice Cream Delivery on goPuff

We’re thrilled to partner with goPuff! Some popular flavors are available for delivery on the goPuff app. Get your essential needs delivered in minutes!

About goPuff

goPuff is a go-to solution for immediate everyday needs. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream delivery or you need essentials like toilet paper and cleaning products, goPuff brings food, drinks, home essentials and more right to your door in minutes.

Like Bassetts Ice Cream, goPuff’s beginnings also started in Philly. goPuff partnered with Bassetts Ice Cream in 2020 to bring Philly customers a local ice cream favorite with the convenience of fast delivery. Download the goPuff app on iOS and Android today to get Bassetts Ice Cream delivered. Follow goPuff on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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